WiFi Marketing

Get More out of your WiFi

Gorilla Technologies has partnered with Turnstyle to offer guest WiFi marketing services. Transform your Wi-Fi network into a powerful marketing asset that builds your customer database, promotes your business and collects valuable insights.

Key Benefits

Grow your contact list effortlessly

Collecting your customers’ information is hard work. We can help. Acquire an email or phone number for access to your WiFi. You own your contact list which can be exported at any time.

Create effective automated campaigns

Your WiFi can be an invaluable marketing tool running automated campaigns, email and/or SMS. Reward customers for frequent visits and bring back “at risk” customers that have not been back.

Advertise your business & products

Create a splash page with your business logo and advertise specials, events, or products. Redirect users to land your web page or facebook page upon connecting to WiFi.