Failover Internet

Increase Productivity and Decrease Risk with Failover Internet

Our businesses are growing more and more dependent on an internet connection, especially in the hospitality industry. POS systems, loyalty systems, payment terminals, and gift cards are all functions or services that may be lost in an internet outage.

Gorilla Technologies offers a smart network that detects when the main internet source goes down and seamlessly fails the network over to a backup internet source. The backup internet source is powered by a reliable and stable cellular service.  

Many businesses are starting to accept the Chip and Pin (EMV) cards as the risk to not do so is growing to great. Along with accepting EMV comes the burden of maintaining an internet connection to run authorizations. In the past, a business could run swiped transactions in an offline mode, store the card information, and run the transaction once internet is restored. With EMV, offline is not an option, which means keeping internet UP is imperative. We make keeping your internet up easy and simple!